The Prop Smith was born from a passion for making. We have extensive experience in creative thinking for the events industry.

Martin has worked in the events industry in Switzerland, London and most recently as a props builder in Bordeaux, France. With over 50 exclusive weddings under his belt there is very little that hasn't been requested of him. Now, with a well-equipped workshop we are building new and wondrous things in Canberra.

Lighting is one of our favourite things and any venue can change dramatically with a carefully designed lighting strategy. The amazing effects that can be created using cleverly placed and programmed lights will turn any event into an extravagant affair at a surprisingly realistic price. We have a vast range of lights, lanterns, candelabra, period lighting and string lights of several types and styles.

Working closely with the client or event stylist we design and manufacture the props that make every event an event. Please feel free to call us just to discuss your ideas, we love to talk shop and will be able to give you feasibility advice and an idea of costs. If you're creating a clip board on one of the current style applications then buzz it over to us at info@thepropsmith.com.au, we will most likely be able to replicate what you see or help you personalize the look further.

Detail and consistency is paramount when setting a theme or styling an event so you will find that we obsess over the finer points.

If you have decided that your wedding theme will be of a certain era for example, then, everything possible must be authentic to make it convincing.

We work closely with florists, caterers and several other suppliers to ensure that everything works in perfect harmony. You will find a list of our friends and what they do on the Facebook and Instagram pages.

If you have an idea but don't quite know how to bring it to life, bring it to The Prop Smith.

Our list of stock is growing rapidly and we try to keep it fresh.

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